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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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cable connection query


Hello everyone,
I'm new to the forum. Just dropping by to ask a technical question about a cable connection that I need to fabricate for my setup.
I have a small mixer that I use to control the signal going to my studio monitors. The main outputs go to the monitors, and there is one additional 1/4" stereo output that I would like to send to two individual powered subs, a 12" and 15".
the cable connection I need to make it work would have a single male 1/4" plug on one side, and two female 1/4" plugs on the other, one going to each of the two subs. I will need two of these, one for the right and the left outputs.
I have made a few interconnects before with a single piece of cable, just soldering the TR plugs to each end, but how would I go about building such a cable that would split each side of the output channel (left and right) into two lines, one for each sub?
Is it as simple as twisting the two cables that go to the female ends together and attaching that to the male end?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated
April 29, 2012 @05:57pm