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Vintage Altecs


Several years ago I bought 2 cabinets, each with an Altec 417-8C and an Altec 421-HC. The cabinets seem to be original though I can't seem to find this particular combination. I was told they were VOTT but I'm unsure. I see no evidence of horns being used with my cabinets but most VOTT's used horns, I think.
I want to use these grand old speakers, primarily outdoors, for events and gatherings and will configure my PA system to them. Early testing has presented some obstacles and I am requesting information and suggestions. The 421's sound good, react well and exibit nothing unexpected. The 417's, on the other hand, produce sound, but it's muffled, fuzzy, and visibly the cones are erratic. A possible snag might be that I used a 300w/4 ohm system to test with.
Problem #2: Since the 75w and 150w ratings and 8,000 Hz upper range are low by today's standards, will these present problems or is there a way to benefit from the low numbers by way of efficiency?
I have a lot to learn about all this so any contribution to my limited knowledge base will be greatly appreciated.
April 22, 2012 @08:27am

love this sentimental journey back in time . One could start research by keyword ' altec A7' which brings up some nice photos of some particular voice of the theatre cabs . . or maybe research the great stan miller . Much to be learned .
April 22, 2012 @04:33pm