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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Retro AS-1 or Pro-52 Patches


Does anyone know where I can find custom patches for either of these soft synths? My web searches are coming up empty.
August 26, 2001 @01:30am

August 26, 2001 @03:02am

Tried it. Not much available there for these two soft synths. Thanks though!
August 26, 2001 @01:25pm

ya, not much for the as-1, but there's 4 or 5 banks of sounds for the pro-5. that's more sounds to go through than you'd have time in one sitting! it's more fun just to make your own though.. isn't that the point of analog synthesis? :)
August 28, 2001 @06:38am

I've had lots of fun creating some of my own patches, but I am always looking for new patches to use as a starting point. Retro AS-1 is extremely flexible and the possibilities are endless. I've lost days just tinkering with it.
August 28, 2001 @12:32pm

Charlie Clouser of Nine Inch Nails fame put a few up on his website.
Let me know what you think of them?
August 31, 2001 @01:02am

Those files no longer exist on the server. I did a root level check, and there is nothing but mp3's.
Sorry... I'll bet they were good.
August 31, 2001 @01:55am

Hey Bob!! I found the Charlie Clouser Retro AS-1 files. It took some real intense internet searching, but I fianally tracked them down.
I joined the Bitheadz Yahoo e-Group at the following URL:
Once I joined the users group, I had access to the "Files" page, and there they were. Someone must have uploaded them a while back. All the searching was worth it. not only are the patches amazing, they're also great starting blocks for new patches.
August 31, 2001 @07:28pm