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    Apr 2012

    new player with Questions

    I just bought an ibanez 4 string bass and I am trying to figure out what type of strings I should buy when I get ready to replace the strings that came on my bass. I have been thinking about either elixlers, ghs boomers or dr neons could someone give me some help I wat to play metal and rock. thanks

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    I used GHS Booomers for several years and I was always satisfied with the sound and feel. However, I tried them on my new bass and ended up going back to same that came on the bass.
    That's the thing about strimgs. What works for you on one bass doesn't necessarily work for you on another.

    I've never used the Elixers, but I've always heard good about them. The neons, can't help you there. Never used them and I don't know anyone that has.


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