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Help needed with snare drum


I have a problem with my studio sound and none of the basic solutions have worked. The problem is exccesive vibration in my snare drum. I have several melamine tiles & diffusors but they don't seem to help. The vibration (from the rattles/snare) are mostly caused by my bass drum but also from the bass guitar. Hopefully someone here can resolve this. Thanks for the help.
April 8, 2012 @11:33pm

First make sure the snare strainer itself is in good condition. Any wires that are bent or stretched out of shape can be snipped off. A new strainer cures a lot of ills. Secondly try different tunings. If the drum (especially the bottom head) is tuned to a frequency that resonates naturally in the room, it will never stop rattling. If none of this cures the problem, try putting a small piece (1/2 " x 3" or so) of gaffing tape on the snare side head. Right in the middle under the strainer and opposing (90 Degrees) the wires. Hope this helps
April 13, 2012 @02:07am