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Where's the Ipad/Mackie Mixer?


Will the new Mackie/Ipad mixer be the only digital mixer Mackie makes? It could be the answer to my needs for recording and performing but they won't ship. What is holding it up? I want reviews before I buy and since no one can get one, no reviews.
I also wonder if my tiny Bose PA will handle all this sound. I will be sending vocal mike, acoustic guitar, and back up tracks from the Ipad from the mixer to the Bose L1 portable which I guess is one of the smallest PA's in the world. I wonder at what point those 5 little tweeters in it will distort due to too much information coming in.
The little Bose is fine for plug and play and even has a special mixer one may buy for it full of presets but the Mackie Ipad mixer specs would offer so much more in adjustment...and lots of inputs but I wonder if I will overwhelm the Bose L1 portable with such a mixer board. I understand I will also have to get a wifi router to make the wireless magic work. I guess it will tell you which one to get.
2012, will be half over before we know it and still no shipping on the new Mackie board. Does anyone know what the hangup is? I'll beta test one if available.
April 2, 2012 @08:18pm

Mackie was here demostrating the 1608 to us last week and it was very impressive, but they're still a few months away from shipping...they tell us it will probably be towards the end of July or early August before they start shipping. For better or for worse, the Winter NAMM show in January is the country's biggest trade shows, so many manufacturers feel compelled to show their new products there even though they may be months from shipping.
As for the Bose system, you don't really need to worry about it distorting because of too much information coming in...the concern would be if you try to push it too hard for a larger room or crowd than it's designed for. It's hard to put a hard and fast number on it, but it was designed for smaller- to medium-sized rooms with crowds of up to about a hundred people. For quieter rooms with more moderate volume levels you may be able to get a little more, whereas for more aggressive music in rooms with a lot of ambient noise it may only be suitable for much smaller crowds.
May 16, 2012 @05:46pm