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Need advice on keyboards comparison


I am trying to purchase a keyboard and I need a little help on comparing a few. I currently have a mo6 and its ok but the sounds kinda suck. I was thinking about getting a mox6 and I played with it in a local store and some of it's sounds wasn't impressive and sounded similar to the mo6. I want to know what would be the best that's out for Hip Hop and R&B. My budget is about 1800. I was thinking about getting the korg m3 but the unit part and not the keyboard. What would be the best including the m3,m50,pc3le,Juno, or any others out there you may be familiar with?
April 1, 2012 @03:46am

Well, any workstation can be used to produce Hip Hop and R&B. It's not the sounds or the features, but how you use them. I will say that the M3 is a great choice. I've owned one for several years and it offers an excellent soundset, plus superb features including Karma, drum tracks, touch screen, sampling, plus plenty of memory locations for your own programs and combination sounds (setups). The M3M (module unit) would be a great addition to your Mo6.
The M50 would be less expensive, but doesn't offer Karma or sampling and isn't built as well as the M3. Can't say much about the Kurzweil because I haven't played any of the PC3 series (I will say the Kurzweil keyboards have great sounds, but offer small display screens and lots of menu diving if you do much extensive programming). As for the Roland Junos, they have good sounds, but offer cheaper build quality.
Try them out for yourself though and decide.
April 2, 2012 @04:34pm

You're welcome.
April 5, 2012 @03:32pm