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Old Midi file recording process???


Hi all!
I've got some old midi files from Cakewalk Pro Audio 8 on a windows 98 machine and I want to find out the best way to record them. All of the sounds are from a Roland XP-80. I finally want to update and finish the projects- so do I record track by track of real audio from the XP-80 into Ableton or can I somehow preserve and move the original MIDI data from Cakewalk into Ableton as MIDI files and have Ableton trigger the XP-80 with all the original parameters intact? I'm running a MacPro and have Ableton and Garage Band.
Thanks for your help!
March 14, 2012 @03:08pm

Importing into Ableton will be a problem since it doesn't recognize the tracks, only the data. Garageband or Logic really would be the better choice for doing this since it will handle the MIDI tracks properly.
You would need to record track by track the XP80 back in unless you replaced the sounds from the XP80 with virtual instruments.
March 14, 2012 @04:14pm