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1957 Gibson es225td trapeze


Does anyone know where to get a trapeze for a 57 gibson es225td? I can find them that are close but not it. Will the Gibson 335 be the same as the 225? I used to have a 335 but cant remember what exactly it looked like.
55 years my dad and I played this guitar ... Would hate to change it in anyway but I'm almost ready to put an evertune on it and call it a rap.
any sugestions?
March 4, 2012 @04:25pm

Just checked it out and its to short. Anyone know if Evertune can be installed on a hollow body 57 gibson
March 5, 2012 @05:14am

Any mods will likely devalue the instrument.
What's on there now, and what's your complaint with it?
March 5, 2012 @05:59am

After playing this guitar for 55 years between myself and my dad right where the trapeze mates with the tailpiece wore in two. I did take it off and braze it back together after failing to find a new one. which does work if you want to keep tuning it after every workout ... I dont ... takes the fun out of it.
So the past few years and many hours on the web I stll have no luck finding that particular Trapeze tail piece. This one is very long 10" end to end and was concidered one of Gibsons few belly flops. In the 60's the problem was corrected.
I was concerned about modifying it and the hit it would take on the value ... I have kicked this around for the past couple years and came to the conclusion that I would rather get it back to playable than hang it on the wall and look at it. It will never be sold ... ill have it till I die and then passed on to my son.
Bottom line Im going to keep searching for 7 more days and if I cant find the stock tailpiece then Evertune it will be. Spoke to Evertune and they say they can install it on a hollow body. I did see an Evertune on a gibson 335 and it looked great. couldnt hear it although I had a one in the past so I know what they should sound like but cant help but wonder if the tone will change
March 5, 2012 @07:47am