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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Yamaha Motif ES sounds dull from the mains/ General PA Help!


Hey Guys,
I am a newbie sound tech, and experienced keyboardist. In a nutshell, the motif sounds great on monitors but pretty dull from the mains of our system at my church. I've tried EQ, but it doesn't do much. Most of the patches for the Motif have effects that sound best in stereo. Is this the problem since its ran in mono? Should a stereo signal be summed rather than just mono out of the keyboard?
Also on a related note, We have a A&H Zed mixer going to Crown XTi -> EV Tour X double 15s. I know nothing about DSP, how to tune, or anything outside of this set up., but would this help our overall sound dramatically (including the keys)? We have a odd rectangular room that is probably 30' deep by 100' wide. Would we be better suited with different mains for more clarity and less power(which is not needed - 250ppl max)? Taking all suggestions! Thanks!
February 28, 2012 @09:39pm