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Stereo Synth Experience for Audience?


Hey Guys,
I am relatively new in the live sound world but have been playing keys live for awhile now. I play a MOX(yamaha motif), using mostly rhoads, piano, and synth patchs, which sound beautiful at home on my studio monitors but bland going mono through the system. Even for the mono instruments (like the grand piano), most of the effects on them are stereo & it makes a huge difference. The mains are too far apart for the stereo effect. Is there anyway to recreate as close as possible the studio experience live for the audience? I once saw a big band play with Rhoads on the gig that seemed to fill up the room when he turned the tremelo on. Any help is greatly appreciated!
February 28, 2012 @09:18pm

I would first look at ways to make the PA stereo, but if that's impractical and/or not possible then your only other option for stereo is to try to add some type of supplemental reinforcement system for your keyboard. Honestly this seems like a bit of a nightmare to me to try to manage, but if you are playing in the same place(s) a lot you could probably figure it out in time.
I mixed live in mono for years, and often times things can be made to sound big by adding just the right doubling type effects (in mono) to the mix. It's a fine line though, between a big, nice sound and just muddying up the overall mix. If your band is like most bands the other musicians (guitar, bass, drums) also want their instruments to sound big and present as well. And this is why bands hire competent sound engineers. They can find that balance and manage it over the course of a show.
Hope this helps.
February 29, 2012 @04:33pm