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What's up with the DM Drum track in Cubase?? Please Help!


I recently bought Slam Tracks Metal Midi Loops and Fills. I later purchased Drummix Metal 1 VST (kinda like a cheap ezdrummer) to use with my midi loops.
I am using Cubase 5 and I am opening my VST through my VST insterment panel. Then I click yes to create the midi track. Then I open my loop browser and drag the loop I want to the midi track. For some reason after I do that it creates a GM drum track and it uses part of the midi loop there and uses HalionOnes drum set by default.
So I figured "ok...I'll keep doing this and just drag the GM Drum track info onto the insterment's midi track. But every time I drag a new loop it creates a new GM Drum track everytime and puts the Halion drums as the insterment output!
Am I overlooking something small or what? I am on Win XP 64 bit, 8 gig ram, Cubase 5.
Any help would be much appriciated!!
Thanks in advance anyone who has a suggestion!
February 27, 2012 @10:04pm