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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Keystation 49e problems


Hi Audios ! well i have a question for you, i have kestation 49e since 2004 it never gave any problem, but now its giving me problems, mostly it use to stop responding while playing or when am in a middle of a session , i tried different cables but didnt worked,i tried every other method mentioned by support articles but failed to get a solution , i tried another computer and same problem exists, can you explain whats going wrong.
My DAW is samplitude and my soft synths are legacy collection M1 ,wavestation and one thing i also noticed that while playing with these soft synths as stand alone my keyboard stops responding suddenly also ,Just want to add again and a bit extend that whatever methods are found in help or FAQ with M-Audio help and supporting articles ,none of them are either working nor long lasting, because most of there solution is in many cases is to unplug the midi controller and restart the computer, well even it works sometimes without restarting the PC but just imagine that isn't annoying to restart dozens of time and unplugging also, while composing music.This problem is existing in both of my computers , a laptop with win7 and desktop with Xp sp3, woops...:-| mouse clicks always working fine.
Well i hope some body can help me.
As for me i think that i have to take some newer model of midi controller ,but in mean time am afraid that what will gonna happen next? A Roland and nothing else. hope to get a reply from you being a keystation user
February 21, 2012 @04:07pm