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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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daw in cabinet with multipedal/footswitch/pedal board


i guess the easy way to say it is a daw rack-unit built into a nice cabinet with something like an fcb1010. i'm looking around, and i see all this gadgetry, but almost nothing all in one. i'm new to guitar and am digesting as much as fast as i can, but there is a whole lot of gadgetry out there. what i have so far is a wash' OE 30, and a US Music wireless. i was looking at digi's earlier rp series (12-20), then started seeing amps that had effects. i think the most stomp count i saw was four on a ready amp. i understand that all-in-one's can be tricky if one part or another fails, but i intend on (if i must build one) having multiple inline fuses and other safe guards in place. as i'm new, i don't really care for all the cab modeling, though i imagine thicker walls on the cab will keep truer sounds when i do involve it. mainly i want to be able to use my feet to turn on and off individual effects, change the volume and delay parameters etc. that and to only lug what is needed around (guitar and bad a$$ amp). hopefully not exceeding 100 pounds. weight isn't currently an issue, i know things are getting smaller and smaller everyday. does any one know of a decently priced unit as described? thanks in advance
February 14, 2012 @08:12pm

I'm not quite sure what you are after. You want a guitar setup with effects and a controller that also records? Feel free to call me, I think I can guide you to what you want if we can talk on the phone.
February 14, 2012 @08:42pm