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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Shure sm7b-saffire pro40 or ISA one + pro 14


Hi guys I'm kinda stuck. I have a shure sm7b which I used to run with my m audio FTP (bad choice) . My m audio broke last week so I wanna get a new interface and a new preamp. I really like the ISA one, as an interface I was toled the pro 14 should b good. On the otherside I was thinking that I might b better off to get a better interface and no preamp for now. I heard the pro 40 would b a good choice. My question is , for clean vocal recording (rap, scream vocals)what would b the better choice? Also my budget is only arround 700. If u have any other suggestions let me now. Thx alot
February 10, 2012 @01:11pm