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IEM tour mix


I'm looking into improving the IEM mix for a touring system. I have (up to) 12 channels that I will need to EQ, trim & pan into a stereo output that will patch into the IEM transmitter(s). Once the IEM EQ is setup, it'd rarely change.
The biggest problem is that I need to keep the weight and footprint as small as possible for air travel.
A few ideas come to mind:
- multichannel mixer, it'd work but not optimum in terms of size or weight.
- 1U line mixers, primitive EQ capabilities.
- Firewire interface, could I use something like a MOTU ultralite-mk3? I'd like to set it up and run it standalone until I need to change something.
So a FW interface might work, but I need advice on which unit worked for others.
February 8, 2012 @12:29am

Only one mix? Surely you need three or four?
February 8, 2012 @06:13am

I use my 896mk3 for this. You can have up to eight separate stereo mixes, if I recall correctly.
The one trick I have to offer is to use an external ADAT preamp with line-outs if you don't have a signal splitter to send to the FOH.
February 8, 2012 @07:45pm