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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Thoughts on upcoming iOS-based DAW.


I'm curious if anyone got an opportunity to check out Auria by WaveMachine Labs (http://auriaapp.com/) at NAMM? I'm sure there'll be plenty of growing (or shrinking) pains accompanying the switch from a 2 screen Pro Tools system 1 screen and editing by touch instead of a mouse a keyboard shortcuts, but this seems like it could be really fun and useful for sketching together demo tunes (especially for those of us on the go) and an iPad plus this software is a lot less expensive than a new laptop and updating Pro Tools.
I'm gonna see what the new iPad is like as well as how this program performs once they drop; my primary concern being that the software is half-baked and the iPad's CPU and battery might be limiting factors as well. Anyone actually get to try it? Have any feedback?
Random thoughts for discussion:
I'd probably move anything back into PT on my computer to polish up and use some of those expensive plugins, but the idea of being able to do (what appears to be) full multi-track editing and automation at my leisure wherever I go without having to bring my computer, hook up the Digi interface, wait for Pro Tools to launch, etc... is a very liberating prospect. I work full time and I lament that I don't have a more portable setup.
As an artist and engineer with a limited budget I've grown weary of putting any significant money into a computer or software. I've been using Pro Tools since version 5 on Mac OS 9 and I'm tired of increasingly expensive upgrades from Digi (now Avid), not to mention Waves Update Plan. While the stuff sounds great and I'll always have a special place for real recording studios with awesome gear, I don't see myself striving to replicate that at home again.
I think that recording is like amateur radio. Sure the old stuff was cool, but compared with a modern handheld transceiver they're all a bunch of power-hungry uni-tasking dinosaurs with little practical application anymore. Also like radio, I suspect there will always be those devoted to the true art and science behind it regardless of what's cheap, practical or new.
I imagine this sort of thing is going to become more refined, cheaper and simpler to the point where it sounds good and is within everyone's grasp and people will one day laugh at the the very idea of having separate A/D and D/A converters, a standalone word clock, etc... Is a tablet computer the center of the next generation of home studios?
January 29, 2012 @01:26am

I had the opportunity to see it up close at Namm. It looks very nice. Good looking interface cool dsp tools and useful editing tools. Believe it or not there is plenty of horsepower under the hood in the iPad. The guys behind Auria are the same folks that made Drumagog. Needless to say, they have some pretty rapidly spinning propellors.
In short, the product looks to be very well though out. The reason you haven't seen a lot of great DAW options on the iPad is because it has only been out a short period of time and the workflow is different enough from a Laptop or Desktop that you cannot easily port over existing products. I think you are going to see a bunch of new programs emerge this year.
That being said, doing a project on the iPad is cool in some ways and not so cool other ways. First the iPad still has annoying limited directory and file access. Apple locks you out of most normal file functions you would do with a laptop. To get around this many programs allow you to audio copy from one program to the next. I find this really clunky when you are trying to do a big project. For smaller footprint projects I LOVE the portability and power that the iPad offers. For the songwriter guy or traveling writer it rocks.
March 2, 2012 @03:02pm