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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Mixer or Software? Help!


I've been using an M-Audio Project mix with an old 2006 macbook. 2gb 2ghz. I'm running logic 8 on lion. I've always had overload problems which i get. but now when my project mix is connected, the sound after a while just cuts out. in logic all the bars are going up but the sound stops coming out into my headphones or monitors. just randomly. for years I've had the exact same set up and i've had problems with my computer not recognizing the project mix at first and having to restart it, but it never cut the sound out completely like this. another problem i've had with the project mix is that the phantom power seemed to have stopped working because It doesn't record my condenser mic. no bars go up or anything but on my one speaker that has phantom power, it does work. I bought this interface used about 5 years ago so I guessed it was the project mix and just bought a presonus firestudio. I hope the interface is a problem or else i just spent $340 for no reason. Does anyone have any thoughts?
January 27, 2012 @12:28am