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MOTU 4Pre, Extremely Hot DI Guitar Signals.


Hey all, I just received the MOTU 4pre today and I got it hooked up to pro tools 9 just fine. However, when I plugged in my friend's guitar the incoming signal was really hot, and it would clip often even with the Trim knob all the way down. We tried another that wasn't his and it was less hot, but the signal was still in the yellow all the time in Pro Tools. I just don't like that I cannot control this signal very much since I basically have to keep the trim all the way down and I can't ever adjust the signal aside from boosting it, which I don't need to do since the signal is so hot. I am not sure if this is something going on with the hardware, or if these preamps were just made this way and there is nothing I can do about it. I tried to activate the PAD, however I discovered that the PAD will not activate with a DI signal, it only activates when mics are plugged into the inputs. This is frustrating because we need to do some guitar via DI but the signal is really uncontrollable. He was using a Carvin guitar with Humbuckers. If anyone has any ideas or thoughts, let me know. I know this is a relatively new product so 'm not sure if anyone will know the answer, but any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks!
January 21, 2012 @01:52am