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Hi all.
Firs of all. I don't have a sound card so probably that's the reason but I'm gonna ask anyway.
I conected my piano via MIDI-USB to PC. I opened VstHost and load some sax vst.
Then I opened Winamp with song and tried to play this sax along with winamp.
I had marked Realtek HD Audio in ASSIO4ALL (input and output) in VstHost.
VstHost played Winamp not. When I unmarked it Winamp played but Vsti not.
I tried to set diffrent inputs and outputs (like 3rd or 4rd channel) in VstHost but I heard nothing what so ever.
Does that mean I don't have 3,4,5 etc outputs and inputs or I'm doing sth wrong ?
ps: Does ASSIO buffer reduce affect quality of sound ?
best :)
January 3, 2012 @10:17pm

ASIO4ALL is not multiclient, so you won't be able to have it play two pieces of software at a time. You would need to open the song in a DAW and then on a separate track play the VST Instrument.
Decreasing the buffer size does not degrade the audio unless your computer cannot keep up. All it does is shorten the work-ahead time for the computer.
January 3, 2012 @10:25pm