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'"Chicken Pickin", modern country tele guitar tips


Hey everyone, been researching chicken picken Telecaster country guitar tone. Wanted to share my insights and hear yours and your suggestions. Found that this combination of guitars and effects produces a nice chicken pickin tone.
fender telecaster> Keeley Compressor (attack and clipping all the way up!)> Keeley modded BD2 mod (very light gain setting, tone at 2 oclock)> MXR Carbon Copy delay (set to give a slapback delay, or 1 single repetition of delay)> Fender Twin Reverb 65 reissue (volume 4, treble 5, mid 5, bass 4)
this setting was inspired by Brent Mason because he uses fender amps. I think that Brad Paisley uses a little more treble and midrange in his tone (but, he also uses a different kind of amp - Dr. Z Z Wreck (I think maybe a setting more like volume - LOUD, treble 7, mid 7, bass 5 or 4)
the basic formula is the same though
telecaster> compressor> light overdrive (or boost)> slapback delay> tube amp (tuned higher on the treble side)
there are.... if you pardon the pun, many ways to skin a chicken!LOL! On that note here are some other interesting amp settings that I have heard about for country tele.
Johnny Hiland - tube amp with treble 4, mid 8.5, bass 8
Doug Seven - fender twin with treble 3, mid 8, bass 5
Danny Gatton/ Stevie Ray Vaughn/ Albert Lee - fender "Magic 6" setting volume 6, treble 6, mid 3, bass 2, bright switch ON
as with anything, some of this information may be innacurate, so I would LOVE your feedback or any information that you might have about this style because I am REALLY trying to learn how to get a great chicken pickin sound!!!
January 2, 2012 @08:27pm
GM Reszel

I'm not much help in the effects category but I like the tone I get from a 3 saddle bridge - all the others just can't get that vibe.
January 12, 2012 @07:03pm

I don't have compression, but I can still get some great affects with a slight delay and the reverb. Good Pluck!
January 26, 2012 @05:14am

I've found that the Keeley compressor is crucial for country sounds. No other brand seems to give that same twang. And there are a lot of good youtube videos on the topic, too. They'll help you see what other people are doing.
February 8, 2012 @04:13pm

JMF - thanks for posting the info. I'm thinking about trying a little pickin' and will try some of your stuff.
June 20, 2012 @10:59pm