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VTB-1, lopsided signal?


Hey, so, I just got a Studio Projects VTB-1 mic pre, upgrading from ART TubeMP V3, (and the VTB sounds a lot better on vocals!) and I noticed that the VTB will output a lopsided waveform sometimes if the Tube blend setting is on, and it can be avoided by reducing the input gain (or going more to the solid state setting). The lopsided one has much higher levels on the positive side (or negative if I hit polarity reverse), and it sounds bad if the difference is high (distortion).
What gives? Is this normal? And how can I check to make sure that it's not happening in some small scale even when it looks symmetrical? Oh, and I also found that it happens on the TubeMP sometimes, and the same thing happens with an SM-57.
In the image attached, the left one sounds good and the right one sounds terrible.

January 27, 2003 @05:16pm

when I use the Studio Projects VTB-1 with my Studio Projects C-1, I have the input gain at 0 (and output gain at 0) and it still has a reasonably high signal strength. Is this normal? I imagine it might be problematic for higher volume applications, although thankfully there's a 10db pad on the C-1.
anyways, other people must use this combination of mic and pre. anyone?
January 27, 2003 @06:08pm