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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Questions about Boss RC-300 Loop Station (or any loop device being sold these days)


I'm new to this forum so please excuse me if I barge right in with questions. If answers have already been posted somewhere please point me in the right direction to find them. The following questions are for ANY loop station/pedal, not just Boss.
I'm trying to learn about looping devices such as the RC-30 and RC-300. With all the bells and whistles offered on these units (or any of the looping devices) the one thing I want to find out is:
Can an expression pedal be set up to change the tempo of a loop in real time. i.e. If I am playing with a loop that I've created at 120 BPM, can I use the pedal to either speed up or slowdown that loop in real time—while it is playing? OR are all loops confined to the original tempo at which they are created?
If the expression pedal will NOT do this can the tempo change be affected through MIDI control in some way? I'm not clear on how extensive the MIDI application is on some of these devices.
Another question: is there any way to tempo-link loop stations (of same brand or otherwise) or is this something that also would have to be done from a MIDI controlling unit—if at all?
It seems each of the different manufactures offer something I would want but none seem to have completely developed the full potential of the concept - IMHO
Anyway, thanks for reading and for those that offer input, MANY THANKS
Happy Holidays
December 8, 2011 @06:06am