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How to connect a keyboard to a Tascam 2488NEO


Hello, I recently purchased both a Tascam 2488 NEO and a Korg A500 keyboard. I am unsure how to best connect this keyboard to the Tascam 2488NEO to get the best sound for recording. I have owned 4 track recorders in the past so something like the 2488NEO is new territory for me! Im sure I will be asking a lot of questions here over time. This is my first one though! Any help or assistance would be appreciated. Thank you .... Have a nice day!
Here is a picture of the back showing inputs/outputs
December 6, 2011 @12:23pm

The best method would be to connect the keyboard to the line inputs F and E.
December 6, 2011 @03:12pm

Great Ill give that a try. That should then allow it to record in stereo correct?
December 6, 2011 @06:07pm

Stereo would be best, yes.
December 6, 2011 @07:48pm

I connect it last night and looks like everything is ready to go! I linked inputs e & f and sent them to 1 track.
Thank you for your assistance. I am sure I will have more questions in the future because I just got my 2488NEO about a month ago.
Have a nice day!
December 7, 2011 @12:05pm