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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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To repair or replace...?


Just got my brand new Taylor 314CE .The action is set low,the way I wanted it,but there is no buzz unless I press too hard on the strings.The tone is not as bassy as I expected but the sustain is incredible,almost like there is no difference between an open string & fretted note!But here's a slight problem:The first string slips off quite easily under the fret wire,sometimes even when I do pull offs.I could avoid it if I play with some extra care.Is this because of low action or wrong spacing at the Nut? The store is willing to exchange it for me but i love this action.What is your advice.get it repaired or exchange? Is it worth repairing this guitar or an exchange would be better? Not sure what type of repair this would need.Please reply.
December 5, 2011 @06:19am

I would get it replaced- you paid a LOT of money for that guitar and it should be set up right- the action on a Taylor will always be great if you have it set up properly- sounds like there's an issue with this one. my .02
BTW- I own a Taylor 810ce- LOVE TAYLORS!!
December 7, 2011 @07:29pm