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Question about mixing my own monitor...


Anyone here do it? I play a variety of venues, some have house sound, some don't. Is there a mixer that anyone recommends? I'm thinking I could run 1 live send to control my overall monitor level. Or at a larger place, run several to control levels individually right at my kit. SOO tired of fighting with sound guys, I'd just like to do it myself. Any questions, comments, ideas are welcome. THANKS!
November 26, 2011 @09:06am
Dave Burris

It would help to mention what you do.
This is by no means a guarantee that you won't have issues with the sound person. You could potentially be making their job harder.
November 26, 2011 @04:35pm

Ah sorry! I play drums in a band.
We gig frequently, & I always find myself aggravated with the differences in sound in different rooms etc. I was thinking that if the sound guy just set everything at 0 & let me control mine myself we'd both be happy. Maybe not,.. Obviously, I don't know all the ins & outs of live sound, but it seems like somthing worth thinking about. It SEEMS to me, that a very simple board would work, ( I could get by with four channels - kick drum, bass guitar, lead guitar, vocals.) It would help me pick out exactly what I want to hear. Just an idea, thanks for any input!
November 26, 2011 @05:31pm

Also, i asked "beatbox" first because I thought maybe some other drummer out there already figured this out. haha! Thanks again!
November 26, 2011 @05:32pm

I've been playing for more than 30 years, and I'm on my second submixer (still use the 6-channel for my acoustic setup, but I upgraded to a 12-channel for my electronics, since I'm kind of a multi-instrumentalist). I can't tell you how many times I showed up for a gig and had a single microphone for my considerably large acoustic/electronic setup. If I have one mic, I tell them to unplug it and take a mono feed from my sub-mixer. Soundmen seem to love it, because they can turn me up or down as they like, and I control the spread of sound.
May 22, 2013 @06:44am