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Ourboard Gear in Protools (Digi 003 rack)


Hi there,
I'm working on mixing some tracks for a friend in ProTools. His guitar part is rather boomy and I want to use an outboard FMR Really Nice Compressor on it. I have the audio file already in protools, so what I wanna know is how do you send the signal from ProTools via my Digi003 rack to my outboard compressor and back in again? Thoughts?
November 23, 2011 @06:29am

You basically need to bounce it through the compressor and onto another track. If you want to just print the compressed signal to another track, do the following:
1. Create another mono audio track. Set the input to an input on your interface, say Input 3. Leave the output as Main 1-2.
2. Set the output path of the track you want to process to an output on your interface, say Output 3.
3. Patch the RNC in between the input of step 1 (patched to the RNC output) and the output of step 2 (patched to the RNC input).
4. Put the new track into Record Enable. You should now be able to hear your existing track as run through the compressor, so you can get things adjusted to the sound you want on the RNC. Once you're ready, record onto the new track. You will now have an original track (which you can hear by resetting its output to Main 1-2) and a compressed track.
5. You will need to Nudge the newly recorded track back in time because it's been through a cycle of latency. The lower you can set your buffers during recording, the better. Line it up with the existing track time-wise.
An alternate version of this is to use an Aux Input instead of a new track, and then you can work with the RNC in real time without printing a new track. The only caveat you will need to observe is to Nudge your original track back in time to compensate for the latency of going through the interface twice.
November 23, 2011 @01:59pm