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Kurzweil PC88MX Problem..help!


I have a PC88MX I purchased new from Sweetwater in April 1995, and it has worked flawlessly until now.
In the internal voices mode, especially evident in Classical Piano, the keys from E3 (the E below C4) to D5 are muted to approximately 25% of the volume of the rest of the keyboard. I have tried a hard reboot, and ran the internal diagnostics (everything passed), but the problem persists.
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated...
As an aside, should I try to find a way to upgrade my operating system version of the software once this is fixed (Mine still has version 1.00), and if so, how do I accomplish that.
Thanks in advance from anyone that can help....Hal Capps
January 25, 2003 @05:07pm

It could be a key contact (or related) problem. You could try to MIDI in to it with another keyboard and see if sounds are consistent across the range. If so, that would almost conclusively tell you it's the keyboard itself.
I'm not sure how to update the OS on those. If you call our Tech Support department they'll be glad to help you.
January 25, 2003 @08:58pm

But I don't think it's a key thing...most voices in the internal mode work seamlessly accross the keyboard, with no change in volume, unfortunately, the voices that aren't working are my piano ones in the internal voices menu (which is what I mainly use this for)...once I go past classical and stage piano, everything appears to be balanced, but in those two voices, especially the classical piano voice in internal voices, there is almost nothing in the middle of my keyboard! Help! Hal
January 25, 2003 @10:29pm

You can try opening it up and reseating the MX board in there. There may be a "harder" reset available than the one you did - Our Tech Support guys would know about that. Otherwise it sounds like it needs to see a service technician.
January 25, 2003 @11:32pm

Thanks DAS....I would hate to have to ship it, do you know where the closest one to me would be..I'm sure it would be Nashville (I'm two hours from there), but wouldn't have a clue who to take it to down there..thanks, Hal
January 25, 2003 @11:37pm

Das, I have also posted these same questions on Kurzweils site, so maybe some of the tech gurus can give me a clue..Hal
January 25, 2003 @11:39pm

If you contact our Technical Support staff or Kurzweil's they can help you find the closest authorized service center. Before you take it anywhere you should talk to them and get an idea of their turnaround time. Generally our service department is much, much faster than most places (and we put priority on units purchased from us). If speed is a concern for you it may be worth it to ship it up here. On the other hand, I have to believe there is a good service center somewhere in a town like Nashville...
January 26, 2003 @11:39am

Will do DAS...thanks, Hal
January 26, 2003 @03:12pm

I kindof have the same case one just one of my keys. PCMX88s are a little odd. Like 2 octaves used to double trigger, and I took the shield off to inspect. It turns out that a couple screws being on too tight was the problem; I just have to tighten/loosen one of two screws and that decides whether the keys will double trigger or not.
More so related, one of my keys (the Eb below the C4) is <i>Extremely</i> louder than any other, and it shows through much more on the piano sounds. I don't know what to tell you, but just playing around with the contacts, or even screws for that matter, may yield a solution.
February 3, 2003 @05:06pm

I think I'll just take it down to Nashville for a certified repair shop to look at it..its really unusable as it is, for recording piano tracks...hal
February 3, 2003 @05:41pm

DAS, on the PC88MX
one of my two crackerjack sales team folks at Sweetwater, Abbey, must have gotten wind of this problem. Derek from Tech Support tried to call my office yesterday, but I missed him, I have a call into him right now. I would rather get the board back to you folks for repair (trust level is higher than an unknown shop in Nashville or Paducah), but it weighs about 50 or so pounds, and of course I don't have the original boxes from ya'll from 1995....Will see what Derek says, and thanks again for the help (both you and Abbey)..Hal
February 4, 2003 @11:57pm

Wow! She must have seen this. I hadn't said a word to anyone about it other than right in this thread (I figured you were headed to Nashville with it). Good for her! We've probably repaired more Kurzweil's than anyone so you're in good hands if you can get it here.
February 5, 2003 @04:55pm