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Motif 6 and the Yamaha DGX-500


Hello all,
I'm new to the Forum, so this question may have already been asked/answered. I am attempting to use my Yamaha DGX 500 as a midi controller with my Motif 6. I've had some success as I was able to play some sounds the Mo with the DGX, however, they sound slightly different. Also is editing the sounds from the DGX possible? I'd like to get rid of the reverb I hear when playing the DGX. I love the rhodes sounds of the motif, but need the 88 keys ( just my preference). Any information would be helpful. Thanks
November 9, 2011 @01:40pm

You may be able to edit the sounds of the DGX using MIDI, but it is quite a deep level control that it could get complex.
If you just want to use the DGX as a MIDI controller and not as a keyboard, you will need to turn Local Control Off. (see page 86 of the manual) This will disconnect the keyboard from the sounds on the DGX.
November 9, 2011 @02:00pm