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A/d d/a conversion from a 14 ch analog mixer


Hey Gang,
I keep forgettin this forum is here.LOL..Man, am I EVER gonna get this?..Id be held back 15 yrs if this was school.OK, all I WANT (My GAWD?..do I just want too much?) is to be able to be 24bit/96KHZ going into the computer but I still wanna use my Mackie 14CH mixer. Every USB unit out there has preamps,and other I/O's I dont want or need..Is there anything that will allow me to come out of the Mackie via 1/4" or RCA , into a unit that will provide the 24/96 conversions, then USB into the computer?.Ive Googled myself to death tryin to find this.Any help at all would be appreciated.
November 2, 2011 @07:02am

It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish.you also did not say which mackie you have... If all you want is an easy stereo mix of what is going into the board into a pc use tape out into a stereo 1/8 inch into line in on your inboard sound card of the computer and make sure your windows volume control is set to line in...easy stereo mix into the comp tho it will not be pro quality but maybe good enough for a rough demo. if you are intending to mix multi track and edit each voicings from board you WILL need a multi input interface if you are wanting 24 bit 96k etc anyway (no way around it if you want high resolution). take a look if you want to stay on the inexpensive side to the tascam USB series interfaces...they work and i think they come with a recording software...personally i use a much dif set up. but i do use a 24x8 mackie that has direct recording outs on each 24 channel...then i run it into an alesis hd24 recorder (only as an ad/da converter) and lightpipe optic cables into a light pipe interface thru fire wire into my DAW...but in your case if you are trying to keep costs down...you can line out each instrument from the "insert" on each channel into an interface into what ever recording software you desire to use and your mackie is your preamp that way and the converter sends it to the computer...although you will not have eq since it is bypassed...but in editing software you can eq them after the tracks are caught on the recording software anyway. and you do want a flat eq to record the tracks as best you can because it is easier to add eq than to try and take a frequency out...best of luck
as a side note call sweetwater and talk to Dan Vandermerongen...he is a great go to guy on recording
EDIT: the Focusrite Scarlett2i2 will do the job if all you want is a usb stereo mix into your computer it gives 24 bit 96k...it's still an interface but it is a 149 dollar unit that will do the trick as well...just go tape out or 1/4" out from mackie into the 2 inputs and wahla into the usb port of your computer...you won't have the ability to mix down from mackie tho...you'll need a multi unit interface as stated above.
March 6, 2012 @06:40am