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External Preamp Question


Hey guys,
Before I write a semi-lengthy explaination of the guitar rig I am trying to put together, I just have a couple of questions about using an external preamp. Hopefully, this thread will help me better understand so I can integrate one into my future rig.
I am interested in the Engl e530 preamp offered from another site (I wish Sweetwater carried Engl!!!) While exploring different options, it seems that all of the tube preamps I've looked at are stereo. Can someone explain why this is? Is there a way around this? After reading the manual, if I were to use just either the left or right output, it could short circuit the other channel. Having a stereo preamp would require me to have a stereo poweramp, which would require me to have more than one speaker.
Ideally, I would like to just use one 1x12 cabinet. I am a home recordist and would like my mics set up around one cabinet without having to switch positions or buy additional microphones to place in front of a second speaker. I was looking at the Radial CabBone to accomplish this, but if I must use the Engl preamp in stereo, this might nix my plan.
Can anyone shed any light on this subject?
October 28, 2011 @04:13pm
R Whittington

Hi MetalBrian,
In most cases you can use either the left or right output only and use the pre as mono. I'm not familiar with this particular pre...but unless it has built in stereo efx...it really isn't stereo until you insert stereo fx into the loop. Usually one of the pres outputs will be labeled something like: "left/mono" use that, and from there you can run to your power amp and then to your 1x12
October 28, 2011 @04:19pm