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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Annoying Recording Problem


Hey guys. I have this rather annoying problem when it comes to recording audio off my sound card. To save money recording, I would take the line out on my mixer and stick it into my microphone jack and record all input from the sound card whilst it played out the speakers. Well this worked quite well until my dog came running across the cable and knocked ripped the cable out of the computer. Now, I get a very loud hum and the mixer output is very low. So, I thought maybe the sound card went, so I got a new one. Still the same problem. To see if it was the mixer, I hooked my MP3 player into the computer using a 10' stereo 3.55mm cable and I still got a slight hum, and it only plays (rather distorted) on the left channel.
I'm absolutely flummoxed. Got any suggestions?
October 7, 2011 @05:35am