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Can't Activate New PT9 Software


My organization just purchased an MBox Pro and a Pro Tools 9 cross-grade from Sweetwater. I have tried repeatedly to activate the Pro Tools software, without success. I go to the "Activate" page on the Avid site, where I put in my Pro Tools Activation Code. That leads me to another page, where I'm asked for my iLok user ID, to choose my hardware interface from a menu (MBox Pro 3G), and the Serial Number of the qualifying hardware. I KNOW that I have entered all of this information accurately, as I have checked it over and over and over again for any errors. After entering the information and hiting the "Continue" button, a page comes up with an error message that says: "The provided serial number was not accepted. Please check your serial number and try again."
I've struggled with this for hours now. A call to Avid support was useless, as I sat on hold for literally 35 minutes. Can anyone help?
September 23, 2011 @01:36am

Double check what you are using for your serial number. A lot of times the O and 0 in them are easily mistaken as an example.
October 5, 2011 @07:16pm