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Tips On Using Sweepable Mids


What are your suggestions for using sweepable mids on a mixer? I've been told to set it to full boost, then sweep the frequency until I find the most obnoxious frequency, then cut it. I also have 3 band semiparametric mids on my bass guitar amp that I have yet to master, so any words of wisdom will be appreciated.
September 19, 2011 @11:40pm

Once you hear something there's too much of, the method you describe is the easiest way for many to locate that something - though full boost should not be necessary - not nearly.
Trouble is, once you fix the aforementioned something, you find that there's another something. Both are thanks - for the most part - to the mics that we have to use for live performances on noisy stages. This is why I prefer Allen & Heath consoles (or Soundcraft) to the more common (and only a little less expensive) Mackie.
September 20, 2011 @03:24am

I would only raise to 3/4 max to find trouble feq. I have found that if i boost about 3 or 4 dbs then cut that much centered on what i think needs cut and cut as much as i boost i get abetter response. boosting all the way will make a feq that would not react at lessor levels fool you into cutting what would not at normal levels be a problem.
If yuo have more than 2 insturments with vocals I would also suggest useing the low cut button on everything but bass and kick or on keys if it carries the bass line.
If You can spend so rehersal time on each band member on how they eq their instrument sometimes what they are use to does not sound as good in show pa as it does in the bed room or garage. I do not know why but even on expensive accustic guitars I see eq knobs. most of the time in live show setting them all flat sounds best. Rant
I know every one says you should cut and not boost but this does not always get the sound you need in live sound. I have had mic,ed amps that sounded great with big boost on upper range of low mids on 1.9k. If it sounds good it is good experiment!
January 28, 2012 @03:49am