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Poor Service from Avid for Sibelius First


My experience with Sibelius First has been awful.
I ordered it online in June and the access code was bad. Took a month off in July and pursued the problem the first week in August. It took an entire month of phone calls between me, Avid and Sweetwater to get Avid to agree to send me a hard copy through the mail.
I tried to load it this week and now it won't open. My wife is a computer software engineer of 20 years and she couldn't figure out the problem! I sent an email to one of Avid's sites for assistance and was informed that it (the site listed in the operation booklet) was closed.
Now I'm waiting for help from another Avid technical assistance site. Time = money and I have far exceeded the value of this product just to get it to my door. I wish I could send this software back.
September 17, 2011 @03:13pm

Avid outsources their telephone support to a third-party company. They only know enough to read from scripts.
Your best bet for support--at least for the next few weeks, is the support forum on Sibelius.com. Go here:
Create a new thread, or explore some of the existing threads.
That forum is directly supported by Sibelius product managers and developers--easily the most active user is "Daniel from Sibelius" who is actually Daniel Spreadbury, the senior product manager (the guy) for Sibelius--and the guy who literally wrote the Sibelius Reference Manual.
Daniel has been very helpful helping people deal with the frustrations of the Avid registration system.
July 10, 2012 @03:27pm