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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Help for novice to choose hardware and software


Hello, I have a basic understanding of recording but I'm a bit out of my depth when I try to determine what hardware is necessary to create an end product.
I've read PC Recording Studios for Dummies and Home Recording for Musicians for Dummies. Both books were great for a general understanding but no specific DAW, hardware or software were recommended.
After reading reviews of DAW software, I think I will go with Pro Tools. With that settled I need to know what other software and hardware I need to get a signal to the DAW. I primarily play mic'd acoustic instruments from lute to mandola to bandura to mandocello, etc.; but I will need to record electric instruments such as electric guitars and Yamaha Clavinova (with midi output). For example, what hardware is necessary to get an analog Shure microphone recorded on the DAW? How about a midi Yamaha Clavinova purchased new in 1994. I've attached a photo of the midi in/out/thru and auc in/out.
Can one of you confirm that there might be guitar effects software for DAW? I want to add electric and acoustic instruments with Fishman installed. Do I need outboard effects or need to mic amplifiers... or can I record a clean signal straight to the DAW and add effects with the installed software? In case I can do everything within the DAW, what is the best Guitar/Amp Effects software?
Again, I'm looking for recommendations for hardware and software to get a signal from a mic'd instrument recorded on a DAW track. *I will only record 'one signal at a time' so I don't need hardware with multiple in/outs for a group band setting.
If you were in my situation recently (new technology), what would you recommend? I'm sorry if I these specifics have already been addressed in the forum. If it has been, please tell me the url for that discussion. Thank you all very much in advance for your time. Even simple educated 'two cents' are appreciated. Best regards, Gary.
August 9, 2011 @07:46pm

Guitar Rig
There are free (light) versions of Amplitude and GuitarRig you can try... I've been very happy with the free versions.
Its up to you if you like them, you'll have to download them and try them out yourself.
For starter hardware info, start with Tweak's Guide (especially the section on soundcards).
August 10, 2011 @01:37pm

Do those programs (light Amplitude and GuitarRig) allow a clean signal to be recorded straight into the personal computer/software such as Amplitude and GuitarRig so that I can add and adjust the electric guitar signal within the program after recording a clean signal? - Or am I required to have other hardware to convert my signal so that those programs will work?
Once the riff is recorded on a Pro Tools (or Sonar), can I add/adjust guitar effects within the software such as light Amplitude and GuitarRig. I don't mean to be a pest... I truly don't know how signals are routed and I would like to be able to have full control of the track effects 'after' it is recorded on the computer software. Thank you again for your time help. Gary
August 11, 2011 @05:44pm

thats the way they work. You have full control.
I suggest you download the free examples and play with them.
the clean track is recorded direct and the effects are fully adjustable at any time.
Of course you can also have the sequencer record the effected signal too.
It's all in how YOU want to work.
Another option is to use hardware. A guitar multi-effects pedal can be used and recorded.
I use a Digitech RP-355 which can send a clean or effected signal into my daw while monitoring the sound. Line6 and similar pedals are commonly used.
August 12, 2011 @07:10pm