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Microphone Month 3

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Microphone for home recording beginner


I am new here. :) I tried searching a bit but couldn't find answers to my questions, so maybe there's some advice for me here.
I use Garage Band to record my guitars and my voice. I use Reason 4.0 to create everything else... drums, FX, synth, etc. But embarrassingly enough I've been using my MacBook integrated microphone so far! And well now that I've made a few songs with it, I figure I'll reward myself with something good so that my songs can sound better.
I'm also thinking to buy a Midi Keyboard Controller with direct monitoring capabilities (Apogee Duet is currently out of my price range), so I will run the Mic through there. (will be making a post about this in another subforum)
Do I need a USB Mic? And what would be a good one for me? I will only use it for recording at home in my bedroom and would like for it to be optimal for vocals and guitars, if at all possible. If that is not possible, I am also willing to buy 2 mics.
p.s. I like value for money, but I also don't want to buy something just to find out that i need something better. So while I dont need profi stuff, I do like to get a good quality for money.
Thanks a lot for any advice!
August 9, 2011 @01:57pm

Do yourself a BIG favor and stay away from usb mics and adapters.
They are basically made for PODCASTING (radio chat shows), not music recording.
The analog-to-digital converters in their mini-soundcard are mediocre for music.
The poor monitoring in them will give you fits trying to overdub new tracks.
The short cords will introduce a LOT of computer fan noise.
Get yourself a real audio interface and regular mics. Here's a good guide:
(you'll want to bookmark and read through ALL of Tweak's Guide...)
August 10, 2011 @01:45pm

Thanks a lot for the advice. I'm glad to know that! It really helps.
I also got some similar advice yesterday! I was recommended the Shure PG27 Condensed and am probably going to purchase it... unless someone objects. :)
August 10, 2011 @07:01pm