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bose l1 model 2


can anyone tell me how may watts (RMS) does the bose l1 model 2 with tonematch have?
thanks in advanced
August 6, 2011 @03:47pm

Nope. And it's irrelevant if one does not also know the efficiency of the speakers. And knowing both won't tell one how loud it will play and still sound good.
I've mixed several shows on a pair of L1M2. The compactness is the main thing the system has going for it. The bottom end is surprisingly pleasant on bass guitar, but the system peaks if there's much kick drum at all. For the price, I cannot recommend it.
August 7, 2011 @07:20am

thanks tim for the reply
August 7, 2011 @01:46pm

I heard a Riverdance style Celtic band performing through 2 of the systems. It was a good sized band, with dancers. The performers were at the bottom of a large bowl, with the audience on the hillsides...
The sound was surprisingly good. It was well balanced, and did not shift in perspective, as one traveled left to right across the venue. However, the system was 'augmented' by the use of two standard pole mounted speakers. The Bose units by themselves will not fill a large venue.
August 7, 2011 @06:53pm