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Glyph external issue with Macbook Pro and Mbox


I have an Mbox Pro (3rd gen) and a Glyph external hooked up to my Macbook Pro via firewire daisy chain in the following order:
I seem to be having some sort of issue when my computer is inactive for a bit. After this period of inactivity, my computer does not recognize my mbox as being connected anymore. So I have to turn everything, computer included, off and start the power up sequence all over (see below):
Turn on MIDI board>
Turn on Mbox>
Turn on Glyph>
Turn on laptop
I notice that the glyph might have its own sort of sleep mode? I wonder if when it goes to sleep it interrupts the mbox connection because it is daisy chained? However, the glyph drive never disappears from my desktop.
Anybody have any thoughts on this?
Thank you!
July 8, 2011 @03:01am