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which subwoofer to choose?


What would be a good durable subwoofer to add to a couple of yamaha sm12v's ? After reading a few reviews on the yamaha sw118v. I'm not sure I want to go with these, which were my first choice, or has any one had personal expirence with the yamaha sub? This sub would be used in a dj application and will be driven by a crown xti 2000 amp. as nice as a qsc setup would be its just not in the budget so any and all advice would be greatly appreciated as long as it does not include selling my first born to buy high dollar equipment as so many in the live sound world have suggested. A nice honest answer would be a breath of fresh air, not a long winded story about how the yamahas are a entree leval speaker. Thank you
July 7, 2011 @04:03am

Hello, I was in the same boat as you several years ago as I was looking to add subs to my rig.
I ended up adding a pair of Bose 502BP subs to my pair of Yorkville elite tops... with the use of a crossover...as a two-way system.
My rig sounded alot better (fuller) INDOORS but when used outdoors...the sound (low end) was lost 50' feet from the stage.
I started getting calls for more (local) outdoor sound gigs.
A few years ago (during the winter) I ran across a Yorkville TX9S sub for sale at a great price...Yes, it's rather large but it has casters and I can load it in/out of my truck by myself....with a little patience...I bought it.
Well: my rig took a big jump in sonic quality after I replaced the Bose subs with the Yorkville...
For a few years I ran my rig with one mid/high cab sitting ontop of my (only) sub with the other mid/high cab on a stand. The rig worked well for me and I soon added another matching TX9S sub.
My advise to you:
Go for one great (high end) sub and bridge your amp to drive it. Don't settle for low-end subs as they ARE "low end"....
When I upgraded my sub situation the phone started ringing....because my rig sounded better.
Nov/Dec is a great time of the year to search the web for bargain gear..
(One of the many reasons why I like the Yorkville TX9S sub is that it is the perfect height for me to put my mid/high cab on...thus no speaker stands for someone to trip over.)
Just my opinion.
October 30, 2011 @03:39am

Don't get a sub to match your current tops. Get a sub that will keep up with the tops you'll upgrade to in the next year or two. A used QW218 is a good value. Hard to go wrong with an SRX728 at a good price. The PRX618XLF seems well liked (must be the XLF, not the S).
October 30, 2011 @10:21pm