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Jazz Quartet Recording. Sax, Upright Bass, Piano, Drums


Just want to share my recording of this fantastic group
Over The Rainbow
Vince Lahorra on tenor sax
Dave Harder on upright bass
Lawrence Nolan on drums
Mel Santos on piano
live recording, 1 take.
July 7, 2011 @02:45am

good job . . . . . my first impression was that I was hearing a spinet before the camera panned . . . but that somewhat adds to the Coltrane era approach . . nice sound on the upright ( would have enjoyed a bass solo ) . . LOVE the dry sax (I might have tried a second take) . . . bobby
July 8, 2011 @03:09pm

thanks for the comment bobbymars. yes, the mix was intended to sound like the old era.
so I had some downtime yesterday and decided to pull out the same session, this is a different song, mixed with a modern approach, listen and enjoy.
comments are welcome.
October 19, 2011 @04:47am