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In ears and headphone amplfiers


Hi everybody,
I'm looking for a combination of headphone amplifier and in-ear earphones to use as a monitor for the keyboard player in my church. I feel this would better than going for a wedge monitor. I'm interested in something like: ART MYMONITOR (http://www.artproaudio.com/products.asp?id=67&cat=13&type=90) and Shure SE 215 earphones.
The thing I'm worried about is: Will I get good quality (enough clarity, bass etc) using this setup? The headphone amp will be fed a mix of vocals, drums and keyboard through the mixer. Will the keyboard player be able to hear all these clearly? Will this setup give accurate reproduction of the output from the mixer?
Also does anyone know of any other headphone amp's without the mic input on the ART?
Interested to know from those who have worked with these!!!!
Thanks in advance
June 20, 2011 @09:19am

I use the Aphex HeadPod 454 very successfully with wired Ultimate Ears in-ears for solo performance. My drummer uses the same set up, first with headphones and then with custom mold in-ears, all with good results. The mix going to the headphone amp is controlled on the mixer aux settings, then a trs cable connects the mixer aux out to the Aphex. I hope that this helps.
July 7, 2011 @02:06am

Thanks for your suggestions. They have been very helpful
July 7, 2011 @01:55pm