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Alesis Percpad - got one?

Rob Cranfill

I just got a Percpad from Sweetwater - sweet! A gearhead buddy of mine used to have his studio in my basement, but that was years ago... and I'm slowly building my own. He had a Roland pad, and I inherited an SR-16 to go with it... but this Percpad is my first drum controller!
Anyway, does anyone else have one of these yet? I've been playing with it, and although I'm quite happy with it - especially considering the price! - I have noticed a few... oddities... that I'd like to discuss. I'll detail them here when I have a little more time....
June 16, 2011 @05:50pm

I can almost guess what the issues are. After I got mine, I called tech support because the MIDI wasn't working, only to be told that it only plays General MIDI sounds (aka crappy). I upgraded to a Yamaha DTX-Multi12, and then I MIDI'd it to the PercPad...low and behold, I got DTX sounds, but a limited amount. I'm still trying to figure out MIDI, so I may be able to get exactly the sounds I want...I actually want to use the PercPad just to trigger Patterns/WAV files, and I think I'll get there.
Overall, I was not impressed by the PercPad, but as I play with it, it might be more useful.
May 22, 2013 @06:50am