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Recommend Large Diaphragm condenser for single-mic application, live sound


I play in a five-member acoustic music band. We currently use two AKG C 3000 mics at mouth height for vocals and a single AKG LDC mic at belly height for instruments. We are having issues with the vocal mics and feedback, we think largely due to the omnidirectional pattern. It looks as if other AKG mic models have hypercardiod patterns, while ours don't. Can anyone recommend a specific model that would be better at feedback rejection than our current mics? Is the hypercardiod the pattern we need? We would consider other brands as well. Thanks for your help.
June 6, 2011 @11:40pm

The C3000B was a cardioid microphone, not an omni, so it is still a directional microphone. Before you replace your microphones I'd look at where the are positioned in relation to the speakers. You may be able to get better results by just moving them around a bit, or even rotating them a little bit.
If that doesn't help, you may be able to get better results either with supercardioid or hypercardioid handheld-style microphones, or if you want to stick with a studio-type large diaphragm microphone you may want to look at a multipattern microphone. I'd probably look at one of the more neutral offerings from companies like Shure, Audio Technica or AKG, although you may find that you'll be paying a fairly large premium for extra features you may not use if this is your only use for the microphones.
June 7, 2011 @02:07pm

I discovered by accident that the Shure KSM27 is one of the best behaved mics I had ever used for live sound. I am not sure how their current replacement for it behaves (SM27).
November 13, 2011 @11:51am

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November 14, 2011 @10:14am