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Old MBox compatible with new Pro Tools 9


I just got a MacBook Pro w/ Snow Leopard. I have Pro Tools LE 6.9 with the MBox(focusrite) that came with it.(Purchased kit from SweetWater years ago) I tried to install and use the Pro Tools LE 6.9, it would not work. Through info on the Web I found people saying its not compatible with Snow Leopard. So I want to get the upgrade to PT 9, if possible, but if I do am I gonna be able to hook my old Mbox up to it? So thats it. Can someone tell me if the old MBox I have will work with the PT 9?
Thank you
June 5, 2011 @08:34pm

As of version 9, PT works with any hardware (not just Digi) that is already properly working with the OS.
June 6, 2011 @01:10am

...except for the original original (beige) MBoxes. They do NOT work with Pro Tools 9.
MBox 2's and 3rd-gen MBoxes are fine, as are just about all other audio interfaces currently supported by their manufacturers with Core Audio or ASIO drivers for OSX Snow Leopard on the mac or Windows 7 on the PC. (This is what rules out vintage MBoxes - they do not have ASIO and Core Audio drivers compatible with current operating systems.)
June 6, 2011 @03:44pm