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problems with drum pplug ins sonar x1 essentials drum kit plug ins from sonar


drums plug ins drum kit adictive drums
the drums sound weak out of tempo slow the tempo drop only inside sonar
and when i drag the file to sonar track get even worse
is a sound card problem? or set up problem?
i imported the drums files so **** to audacity and they fix
the problem is defective sonar x1?
or nedd to adjust? or sound card problems?
like pc capacity problems?
the problem is defective software from sonar?
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May 22, 2011 @10:13pm

Not sure but i have been hesitant to go from Sonar 8.5 producer to X1 in the first place and glad i didn't...i can still run it on a MAC with boot camp when i am ready to get one. X1 is only PC compatible. I believe X1 is Sonar's answer to compete with Logic and i asked a tech why they didn't make it MAC compatible and his answer was only "PC or MAC is only a matter of preference and said MAC is better is only an opinion." Then why is everyone in Nashville using MAC hmmmm...Thought that was kinda avoiding an oops just like micro soft did with their failed "Vista" OS. unfortunately from what i understand( i could be wrong) once you upgrade to X1 from 8.5 you cannot go back. Have you tried contacting Sonar by phone with this issue? that's what i do if i run into a Glitch and 9 out of 10 times it's a step i forgot about lol.
February 23, 2012 @10:13pm