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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Seeking buying advice: Same price studio monitors.


This is my very first post on Sweetwater forum. I'm a music production student from a music college in Thailand and I'm seeking (if not desperately) for advices to buy my first pair of studio monitors due to a series of circumstances. I'm not a native English speaker nor a professional in this field and I'd appreciate any correction/suggestion you can give.
After an amount of research and saving up. I deducted my choices into 3 affordable pairs of near-field monitors for my own home studio which I will use for mixing and recording assignments and eventually doing my own works. The monitors will be placed in a 3m x 5m bedroom which I'm working on getting it acoustically treated.
My choices are KRK VXT6, Genelec 8020B and Focal CMS 40 all ranging from 1,000-1,050 US$ (Comparative prices may differ in Thailand) and I have deducted KRK Rokit series, Yamaha MSP5 and Mackie MR5 out of the choices above, these are the monitors I can get access to.
Unfortunately, I was not able to compare and choose the monitors by ear as none of the above are available for trying in my city, let alone found together in one shop, the closest reference I got is VXT5, Focal CMS 65 and Genelec 8040A in different places which I think is unreliable. And these three monitor will be out of stock for a while.
Therefore, I need some data, some third-person experience to help me choose which monitor is right for me, I'm open for all discussions and willing to give more information if needs be. The monitors will have to handle up to rock/metal recordings and give clear image and attacks. By far, these three seems to be performing well, except that I didn't have the chance to compare them head-to-head. Please give me some advices, I thank you in advance.
May 18, 2011 @02:11pm

Mackie MR5 is a great choice...i use it in my studio and get great mixes with it...very flat and true provided your room environment is good
March 7, 2012 @04:14pm

Have heard only the Genelecs (several models) - don't care for them - the woofer and tweeter don't blend well at all.
March 8, 2012 @07:16am