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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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If you were sent to a deserted island....

R Whittington

...and could take only one guitar oriented cd to listen to, which one would it be...and why? I think I would take Al DiMeola's "Elegant Gypsy". If you've never heard this, it's well worth checking out. Also there are some great perfomances from Jan Hammer and Steve Gadd, and Mediterranean Sundance is an awesome acoustic duet with Paco DeLucia. The muted picking on both electric and acoustic guitar is amazing.
August 24, 2001 @04:35am

Al Di Meola, Paco De Lucia, and John McLaughlin playing a live concert of all nylon guitar in......1978?? It's got the "Meditteranean Sundance" on it that Richard speaks of above. It's quite amazing. At one point I owned the tab for it just as a joke. There was one measure that, with all of it's 64th note triplets went on for a couple of pages......
If I needed a second one I'd probably take something of Tuck and Patti - perhaps just of Tuck (Andress) from his early years.
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August 24, 2001 @04:56am

Splendido Hotel from Al DiMeola is a good one too.......love the 'Spanish Eyes' track with Al and Les Paul. Would need a copy of The Dregs / Industry Standard on that there island too, as well as an Eric Johnson collection. Afraid I wouldn't be able to take just one album...so, we are assuming this island has electricity? hehe
June 15, 2002 @01:53pm
Ed Belknap

Originally posted by R Whittington
I think I would take Al DiMeola's "Elegant Gypsy".

I think I would have a never-ending headache if that was the *only* CD I had to listen to! Some awesome playing on that album, definitely, but it seemed to have a negative visceral effect on anyone I knew who listened to it repeatedly.
My vote would have to go to a Verve reissue of Wes Montgomery stuff called _The Verve Jazz Sides_. It's a 2-CD set which includes excerpts from _Movin' Wes_, _Goin' Out of My Head_, _California Dreaming_, _Further Adventures of Jimmy and Wes_, and _Willow Weep For Me_, plus *all* of _Smokin' at The Half Note_ (including bonus tracks not on the original). No matter how often I hear that disc I find myself both awed by Wes' enormous chops, and won over by his mature, sensitive musicianship which seems to transcend the instrument. Killer arrangements on a lot of the numbers too.
June 22, 2002 @10:06pm
jamie garner

hendrix's live album 'band of gypsys'. it was recorded during a midnight 1969 new year's eve concert, and i think it sums up all the energy that r&r had captured during that decade...
June 28, 2002 @05:52pm

The Allman Brothers Band at Fillmore East.
July 6, 2002 @05:54am

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, featuring Nazareth guitarist Zal Cleminson.
My favorite tunes are "Vambro" and "Man In The Jar"
July 8, 2002 @08:18pm

Beatles White Album
August 18, 2002 @07:16pm

I must agree
Al Dimeola Kicks some major butt!
This is due to not only his knowledge of scales and theory
but his devoted hours of practice as well.
I guess one of the most amazing players I can admire, is Mick Mars from Motley Crue.
His live guitar solo, was somewhat ..........non inspiring
Yet ...his ability to copy his solos note for note, as on his recordings, was beyond commendable
I saw him play in May 27, 1984
at "The American Rock Festival" at Timberidge Ski Resort in Kalamazoo MI
In fact, I have just posted a lesson on Micks scales
Being an instructor, tends to lead me to teach lessons on scales and modes. If you were to mention "scales and modes" to the average Motley Crue fan, they may seem a bit distraught.................
Yet, guitarist alike , are often intrigued.
It's my personal opinion that many players like Mick Mars are under-rated
and deserve so much more credit
Now....as far as true Classical artist, has?Anyone?Heard?Of?
John Williams?
August 18, 2002 @10:13pm

Raffi -Baby Beluga no doubt...
Seriously, alot of what Steve Howe did just amazed me. From classical to jazz to mind bending speedmania. The guys an ace...
Richard, a wonderful choice of guitar music. The man's a Legend!
August 19, 2002 @04:00am

Pink Floyd, Dark Side.. rox0r :D
August 28, 2002 @01:40am

I have just recentley posted a new free lesson with the "Money" solo
August 28, 2002 @02:01am

My 8 year old daughter would choose Britney Spears. (Possibly Aaron Carter..............OVER MY DEAD BODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
August 28, 2002 @02:59pm