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PreSonus FireStudio 2626 not recognized by Mac Pro

Ustad Khan Ali

I hooked up the PreSonus after installing the drivers from the enclosed CD. However, when I opened Pro Tools, I kept getting an error message that said "Pro Tools does not support a sample rate of 44.1kHz." I updated the FireStudio firmware. It actually worked, and the blue firewire light had stopped blinking and was showing blue.
Later, I restarted the computer. Ever since then, the computer does not
recognize PreSonus at all, whether in System Preferences > Sounds or in Pro
Tools 9 or anywhere else. I tried all the usual things that one does, swapping
out FW cables, swapping out ports, restarting the computer, turning PreSonus
FireStudio off and on again while the computer was powered off, and those kinds
of things.
The PreSonus shows a red light, and never blinks or changes. As I said, I changed all the firewire cables, ports (doing this all while the computer and unit were powered off) and restarting the computer, reinstalling the drivers for PreSonus, everything. I've tried everything I can think of but nothing.
Please please please I really need to get this working. I've been trying to fix this for a verrry long time. Please give me every single scenario to fix this problem, as I desperately need to get this going by Saturday evening at the latest.
MacPro1,1 / OS10.6.4 / Pro Tools 9.0.2 everything was freshly installed.
April 15, 2011 @06:14am