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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Most transparent - Grace M101 or True Systems P-Solo?


I noticed that both these preamps are regarded as transparent and uncolored preamps and both have had excellent reviews on the Sweetwater site!
Has anyone tried both of these pres?
Which of these has the cleanest most transpartent and un colored sound??
April 14, 2011 @06:51pm

I will preface my remarks: I without any pretense of objectivity absolutely love , love the Grace m101. Now that that is out of the way I'll give you my 2 cent opinion. Recording magazine in reviewing the Grace m101 said the True System micpre was a bit more transparent than the Grace. I bought my m101 based on exhaustive online research. My choices were the Universal Audio Solo 610 and the Grace. I e-mailed my rep @ Sweetwater a couple of times to get expert advice. What finally made me pull the trigger on the grace was the fact that I also ordered a Mojave MA 200 and I wanted to hear the mic not my pre. The Grace is honest and probably could be brutally so. But if you pair it with a good mic the result, IMHO, are heavenly. Is it better than the True Pre ? I really can't answer that. But having been in your shoes I suggest more research and have an open mind. But most of all I highly recommend you call the good folks @ Sweetwater they know their stuff forwards and backwards and are expert at what they do.:)
April 14, 2011 @09:56pm

I would suspect it is apples and a different color apple kind of comparision. I have the True Systems Precision 8. I bought it over the Grace M801 due to the difference in price. I absolutely love it and don't think that I traded down due to price. I don't think you can go wrong with either. If you just have to have to sqeekiest clean preamp out there then you might also look at the Martinsound MSS-10. It is considered by many to be as close to a straight wire pre as there is.
May 3, 2012 @11:35am